RITA and other motivation

I saw a post today talking about RWA and RITA finalists.


Then I remembered how little I’ve done the past few weeks writing wise. I’ve gotten a LOT done elsewhere, all of it important, but what about my dream?

So, this is ON MY DESKTOP!

i never dreamed about success, i worked for it.

estee lauder

grandbabies and exercise

So I got my grandbaby again and this time I had him for the day. That was wonderful, but then, I didn’t do much writing.

My oven is fixed.

So I didn’t do much writing

I’ve been exercising consistently!

Are you sensing a theme? Well this week I’m setting myself some goals again!


story ideas for historical

what ideas this sparks. this could be a straight historical or a paranormal.

so it’s going into the idea file. Winking smile and I’m definitely visiting that website another time. Smile


Can bog you down. Am I going to let all the ways this story could develop engulf me? Or am I going to choose and plunge forward to the FUN stuff? The actual writing!

Yep, choose. I am still trying to rough it out and here it is halfway through the month. What happened to that rough draft in a month? Well … I let myself get sidetracked. But hey, I’m building the habit!

So I think this story is going to last longer than I thought awesome! I was getting so caught up in the wedding fun and looking at pictures I forgot that I don’t want the entire story to focus on the wedding of a secondary character – hellooo this story is about COLLIN AND JESS.

So I stepped back and started looking at the W plot and the three act structure and I’m figuring that the second act is where they will be attending the wedding, that’s where the choice and the love scene and the big stuff will come in, then we’ll hit the reality – what are they going to do? Can they handle this long distance thing or will one of them choose to follow the other.

Whose dream is most important? I know Jess’s dream, still haven’t figured out Collin’s which means now that the estrogen fest of the wedding is done I need to figure out my hero. Smile


Oven Elements, Sidetrackedness and babies

So first off, the kids (the daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby) went to comic-con a week ago and that’s where the trouble started. The grandbaby caught the tummy bug first, and then mommy and daddy. Fortunately they made it home before it hit but it made for a miserable few days for them. Fortunately I didn’t get the tummy bug! Yay! And I did help out …

Sidetracked. Yep, I let that and the oven element (my bottom element in my oven died) keep me from writing. I of course helped them, but before I knew I had the baby for hours each day etc…. and a 14month old is exhausting! Smile But terrific fun. And then of course I had to keep playing with my oven to find out what was wrong. Before I knew it the weekend was here!

So this week, I’m gonna balance my time better. I really, really want to rebuild my habit and the only way to do that is to keep doing what I’m doing – keeping to my daily schedule, letting Flylady boss me around helps a lot and now I just have to bic-hok.

Leonard playingLeo playing at gramma’s last week

Wine and New Zealand

New Zealand wine country wins. Now I have a destination and a reason to read up (and sample judiciously of course!) wines from the exotic New Zealand so I can be in the mood with Collin and Jess. Smile

Because I don’t …

I don’t want to do ten rewrites because I didn’t figure the important bits out. I have several scene ideas jotted down but I don’t have an inkling of the Dark Moment yet. Hey, if I don’t know what’s going to threaten to tear them apart, then I cannot continue ….

So today I’m doing it! Shutting off the distractions and finishing that paradigm sheet and I’m gonna have an idea of why they feel they cannot be together …

Today is day six since I fell asleep telling myself the story of Jess coming home and finding all her neatly labeled and packaged boxes cleaned out of her apartment. So I gotta get a jump on the rest of the plotting! Winking smile